Movement is the key to health. Many of our health problems are related to the lack of exercise or the wrong kind of exercise.


Personal Training

Wellness coaching focusing on your specific goals.

The coaching can be done at the gym, in your home or in the park. It is customized according to your needs and can include a personal exercise program, instructed exercise of your choice, planning of lifestyle changes, ideas for upgrading your nutrition, or tools for stress management.

Mimmi is a motivating coach. During practice the best part is her inventiveness and surprise-fullness. You never know what kind of challenge she will give you. She is also good at cheering on you and every practice teaches you something new. Recommended.
Mimmi’s exercise programs are made to diversely challenge your whole body and teach you knew skills. Her coaching makes gym training interesting, since you will have to use not only your body but also your mind. She always makes sure every exercise is done with the correct technique. Thanks to Mimmi I got inspired to learn bodyweight training.


Small Group Exercise

Create your own group (2-4 people) and exercise with your friends towards a shared goal!

Exercising in small groups has many benefits. It is easier to reach you goals with likeminded peers cheering on you and holding you accountable. In a small group the coach has time for everyone individually but the price is more affordable than Personal Training. Small Group Exercise includes for example one session per week, exercise programs, nutrition coaching and online support both from the coach and the group. Your coaching program will be custom made according to your groups goals.

Thank you to our great coach! Exercising has been fun and everyone got professional coaching. You are very good, thanks!
Mimmi’s coaching is relaxed and she takes participants’ individual needs into consideration. Nice variety in classes.

Group Exercise

Public and private exercise groups.

I teach fitnesstraining, aquafitness, cirquit training, bodyweight training, outside exercise classes and body maintainace. Please e-mail me for more information about my current classes. I also offer custom made classes for companies, happenings and parties.

Mimmi makes sure everyone gets the technique right, and shows modifications if there’s something you can’t do. That’s very important.
Mimmi is a positive and energetic coach.